When Is An Sf 312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement Executed

(b) any person who, in times of war, is communicated to the enemy, collects, records, publishes or communicates, or endeavours to obtain information regarding the movement, numbers, description, condition or disposition of any of the armed forces, ships, aircraft or war material of the United States or with respect to plans or behaviors suspected , or naval or military plans or operations or related to work or measures, public defence information that could be useful to the enemy is punishable by death or imprisonment for one year or life. The obligations of SF 312 apply to classified information. When certain information has been disclosed, the signatory does not, in accordance with the provisions of SF 312, have an obligation of professional secrecy. In addition, the signatory of SF 312 may make a request for a mandatory review to request the cancellation of the classification of certain classified information, including information to which the signatory has access. (h) persons who use derived classification markings receive training specifically tailored to the correct application of the principles of classification of derivatives of executive order 13526, classified national security information (75 FR 707); January 5, 2010) before the information is derived, and then at least every two years. (k) Only the National Security Council can respond to an agency`s request to dispense the use of SF 312. To apply for a waiver, an agency must submit to the director of ISOO its proposal for an alternative confidentiality agreement, along with a justification for their use. The Director of ISOO will ask the Ministry of Justice to rule on the applicability of the replacement agreement before making a recommendation to the National Security Council. An agency that has previously waived the use of SF 189 or SF 189-A is not entitled to request the abandonment of the use of SF 312.

7. I understand that all classified information that I have access to or that I can access by signing this agreement is now the property of the United States government or remains under the control of the United States government, unless it is determined differently by an authorized official or final court decision. I agree that I will return all classified materials that have entered my possession or which may be in my possession or for which I am responsible because of such access: a) at the request of an authorized representative of the United States Government; (b) at the end of my employment or any other relationship with the Department or Agency that granted me a final security clearance or gave me access to classified information; or (c) at the end of my employment or any other report requiring access to classified information.