Wells Fargo Deposit Agreement And Disclosures

If you have been interested in opening your account in a state where Wells Fargo does not have a physical banking site, your account will be deemed open in California and will be subject to account disclosures in California. These disclosures are also available in Spanish (click on the “EspaƱol” link at the top of this page). The Deposit Account Agreement contains terms that apply to all Wells Fargo consumer accounts. The disclosure of Private Banking`s consumer deposit products contains terms and conditions for Wells Fargo Private Banking Consumer`s chequing and savings accounts. This disclosure is intended for use in conjunction with Wells Fargo`s companion brochures, the Deposit Account Agreement, and the Consumer Account Fee and Information Plan, which contain important information about consumer audits, Wells Fargo`s savings and time accounts, and other relevant details about related services and fees. Disclosure of Private Bank Consumer Deposit Products The Consumer Account Fee and Information Schedule contains important information about Wells Fargo`s consumer checks, savings accounts, and time accounts, as well as details about related services and fees. .