Walden University Preceptor Agreement Form

At Walden, we offer a diverse community of professionals the opportunity to transform themselves into fellows to bring about positive social change. As a teacher, we thank you for being an important part of our students` learning process through the field coaching and tutoring you provide as part of your field experiences, and for working with us on our mission of positive social change. Students often report that the field experience was the highlight of their educational journey and you allow it. This offer applies only to new eligible students who, between December 12, 2018 and December 31, 2019, will enroll and take courses and courses as part of a master`s or doctoral or certificate, and who are, at the time of registration, facilitators, teachers, cooperating teachers and principal facilitators of forest students. With respect to receiver applications, the school coordinators submit a clinical application on behalf of the student within the following time frame. Due to the high number of applications UCLA Health receives for each investment cycle, all required and mandatory steps will maximize your potential for success. Intermediation tasks are determined by the availability of receivers needed to achieve course objectives and to meet our place and dates of study. Students and/or trainers are encouraged not to contact UCLA staff to be potential receivers and/or to secure sites for cohorts or on-site observations. The placement is very competitive and we want to ensure a fair trial for all applications we receive at UCLA Health.

All communications regarding student placement are provided between the school coordinator and the UCLA Health Centre for Educational Excellence. Walden University now offers teaching credits. In order to apply for mediation, the school must currently have an active membership treaty. All student training (for nursing schools) between UCLA Health Sciences and another institution requires a membership agreement. UCLA Health`s Center for Nursing Excellence (Center) coordinates student placement at UCLA Health. To ensure a consistent process for all requesting schools, please read the following process to guide you through the steps, to apply for a cohort, a teacher`s application and/or a request for compliance. All applications must be made by the school on behalf of the students. Information on continuing education opportunities is provided after the end of the practice course.