Sanitarium Enterprise Agreement

3. If an employer or his employee proposes a change in the conditions of award of an enterprise, those parties shall contact the trade union to negotiate such an agreement. If the union proposes to change the conditions of award of a company, the union contacts the employer to negotiate such an agreement. (j) If a statutory holiday is a day of compulsory leave, a worker shall be compensated, by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee, in one of the following methods: (aa) The duration of maternity leave may be extended only once within a written period of at least 14 days, indicating the period of renewal of the leave; (bb) The period may be granted by agreement between the employee and continue to be extended. and the employer. Increases according to the previous principles of the State or according to the current policy statement, with the exception of those resulting from company agreements, cannot be used to compensate for the minimum wage of adults. (11) If the parties do not reach an agreement, it is open to refer the matter to Western Australian Industrial Relations for a settled purpose. In addition to the above requirements, the parties decide what is included in the overall employment contract (unless the employment relations authority is requested and agrees to set the contractual conditions). P. &O.

Cold Stores and Clelands Cold Stores pay $21.21 per week in addition to the Term 28 rates. – the salaries of this bonus from the beginning of the first payment period beginning on Or after November 1, 1989 and $3.51 in addition to the rates prescribed in clause 28. By written agreement and with the agreement of the national training authority or NETTFORCE, the parties to an internship agreement may change the duration of the internship and the scope of the approved training, provided that a modification agreement is compatible with the internship program concerned. 8. If a worker is employed in a city or place not specified in this clause, the remuneration to be paid for the purposes of subsection (1) of this clause is the amount that may be agreed between the Australian Mines and Metals Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and the Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia, or, failing that, an agreement drawn up by the Commission. 4. An agreement contrary to the provisions of this award/commercial contract shall only take effect if such conflict is resolved to enable it. “intern” means a staff member bound by an internship agreement entered into in accordance with this clause. (ii) The terms of this Agreement may be modified by consent. 2. In the event of an existing or expected disagreement on any of the provisions of this arbitration award, a certified representative of the syndicate is authorized, after advice from the employer or his representative, to enter the premises of the employer to visit the work that is the subject of such disagreement, but may in no case interfere in the performance of that work.

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