Safety and Security

Your safety and security are extremely important to us. The chances of needing most of the things that are provided are fortunately negligible, but it is comforting to know that most eventualities have been covered.

Pool Area

Any water is a potential hazard and, to comply with relevant legislation, access to the pool is thus protected. Some vacation homes still just have a Security Barrier around the pool. The problem with these is that older children can easily climb over and it needs the guests to make sure its secure every time the pool is unattended. From experience, we have found that guests don't use the barrier 100% of the time and as a result a child could easily get into the water.

As owners, and as parents, we wanted something better for added piece of mind. We therefore had fitted, to all the pool access doors, a simple - but noisy - alarm! A button is situated high up on the wall (inside and outside) by all the exits. Push the button before you open the door and all remains quiet for up to 10 seconds. If the door is not closed the alarm will sound (pressing the button again will delay the alarm still further).

This will mean any child opening these doors will have the adults hot on their heals within seconds.

We know that having to push the button is sometimes annoying - and means you can't leave the door open and unattended. But this saves valuable resources by not air-conditioning the outside and it also means you wont forget to close the door before you go out (something guests have been known to do!).

If anyone still requires the additional security of the pool barrier then this can be located on the closet in the games room.

General/Villa Alarm

All entrances/exits to the villa have emergency lighting and the villa is also protected by a network of linked smoke alarms. A fire-extinguisher, a fire blanket and torches are provided, as is an emergency medical kit. There are telephones in the kitchen and the three master bedroom suites and a stair-gate is provided to keep babies and toddlers safe from the potential perils of the staircase. We also have a Bed Guard available so you can safely use one of the twin beds for a younger child.

There is a security alarm fitted to the property - and you will be given the Security Code prior to your arrival. You will also have the 'password' should you accidentally set the alarm off. Its essential the alarm is set everytime the villa is left unattended.

Now we all know that kids will sometimes be ill - even when on holiday! We have provided, in a large container in the Games Room closet, an 'Illness Kit'. I wont go into graphic detail but it has some plastic bowls, towels, wipes and carpet freshener. Please clean/replace any items used.


The first master bedroom suite has an electronic safe incorporated into the walk-in closet. This allows you to leave valuables, passports, excess cash, travelers’ cheques etc in the villa when you go out, and all in complete peace of mind.