Rent Agreement Accepted For Passport

In a statement, the regional passport officer, S. Maniswara Raja, said that so far, only a lease registered for more than a year has been accepted as proof of the address. However, in order to alleviate the difficulties faced by passport applicants, the Department granted the acceptance of unregistered leases and valid evidence. If you wish to conclude the contract for a period of more than 11 months, it is recommended to register it, as the validity period for notary is valid for 1 year in the case of a rental contract. In addition, it is always recommended that if you want to apply something and in this case proof of the valid address is necessary, it is very important to register the rental agreement (the notarized lease will not be considered proof of the valid address for tenants by various services/companies) for example.B. when applying for a passport, the service does not take into account the emergency contract as valid proof. Currently, withdrawals of the 10 fingers of candidates are recorded by biometric finger scanners at passport offices and Passport Seva Kendras. It is noted, however, that infants face many inconveniences when recording fingerprints. That is why the ministry has decided to exempt children under the age of five from this procedure. LDR can be generated by downloading lost passport information from the Tamil Nadu Police Department portal with photo ID. However, this procedure is limited only for passports that have disappeared in Tamil Nadu. The EU Foreign Ministry has made changes to the validity of the lease, which are accepted as proof of address.

In the meantime, the ministry has also changed the rules for issuing passports for lost passports. Instead of submitting initial information reports or the absence of police certificates, applicants can submit lost documents (LDRs), Raja said. 1. How do you prove your home if you don`t have a lease? How can your rental address be listed as the current address if you don`t have a sales or rental speech in your favor? 2) Without a lease, you have no proof that you have stayed more than 3 years in the premises Source: The matter was discussed with the legal and contractual department of the department and it was decided that the registered rental contract, duly registered in accordance with Article 17 of the Registration Act 1908 and executed by the lessor for a period of more than one year in favour of the tenant, will be accepted as valid proof of the passport application. the unregant agreement will also be considered valid proof of the passport authority for the allocation of passport facilities to applicant Harmanbir Singh, regional passport agent, “Although we relax the standards of proof of address, we will be very strict, while checking whether the tenant has remained at the address for a year or more and that the agreement is made in accordance with the rules of the measures.” The lease agreement is a contract in which two landlords and tenants agree to rent real estate in accordance with pre-established rules and rules imposed by the Indian government. In recent years, the demand for different sections to relax address references has increased. The union`s Department of Foreign Affairs has long received requests from passport issuers and the public for the registered lease to be considered one of the valid documents as proof of address. From now on, the applicants` permanent address will no longer be a problem, as applicants can present their registered rental agreement as proof of a valid address to which they have been staying as tenants for more than a year. In general, landlords and tenants are the decision makers of this situation. They decide each other whether they want to have it validated by the notary or register it.