Mysterious Agreement

BUDGET DEAL: EU heads of state or government have unanimously agreed on the huge package for the EU budget, a 1.8 trillion euro stimulus package, which can come into force next year – perhaps even on 1 January. For the first time, there will also be a link between the payment of European taxpayers` money and respect for the rule of law. Of course, the same leaders, in a procession of signatures for this part of the world six months ago, claimed exactly the same performance – and some of them might have believed it even in July. The exact terms of the agreement are mysterious. In an interview, Turvey and Tom Allen, the president of AAP, refused to extend the terms of the content license or whether the comparison included some kind of additional payment. What is included in the package: the plans contain measures guaranteeing air and road service (basic) and access to fishing. The aim is to “mark the period during which no agreement is reached. If no agreement comes into force, they will end after a certain period of time.┬áIt`s more than that. The aim is clear: “The biggest trade deal ever negotiated by the EU will not be frozen,” said an EU diplomat. The chairman of Parliament`s trade committee, Bernd Lange, told his colleagues at a meeting to discuss the agreement: “The mercosur agreement…

Is now in the process of legal translation and scouring, and we expect to finish them in the spring of next year, and the ratification process will continue, of course. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google formally laid down their arms on Thursday, ending a seven-year legal war with a peace agreement that both sides want to seal before public opinion and the courts. NEXT UP: With the budget agreement, the heads of state and government have taken part in two delicate debates, during which they have not even been able to refer to agreements – real or imaginary – past. On the contrary, both sanctions against Turkey and stricter climate targets have been deliberately left unresolved at previous summits, which are expected to conclude at this December meeting. There have been mixed results. Tsilevich`s five companies have earned millions by granting work permits to migrant workers. It is a huge market, with about 250,000 of these permits issued each year in St. Petersburg. The operation of such a business can only be carried out with the authorization of the government – in particular an agreement with Passport and Visa Service, a public company that is part of the Ministry of the Interior. After seven years of litigation, publishers have reached peace with Google with a sealed agreement and let librarians be surprised at the impact on the search.

“They” are also in line with the agreement: “Our recovery plan will advance our green and digital transitions,” tweeted European Council President Charles Michel. We have just adopted a solid agreement on the mechanism of the rule of law,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also expected his demands to be met. Mercosur doesn`t need this: if the tension of Brexit is good for one thing, it is to make people realize that huge trade deals are neither fun nor games. For example, a new alliance of Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden is trying to put pressure on the French president to salvage a vast transatlantic trade agreement. In the coming months, a group of “new friends of trade” plans to either win Macron by setting up an environmental monitoring system with Mercosur, or to bluff France on its true motivation to oppose the agreement, reports Jakob Hanke.