Frequently Asked Questions!

Pool Heating:

We recommend that the pool is heated from October until early May. Obviously, outside temperatures can vary so we are more than happy for guests in September/October and May/June to wait until you arrive to see what the temperature is like - and if you require the pool heating switched on then the Management Company can do this usually in 24 hours. It takes around 48 hours to heat.

We can then settle up the balance due for any days heating used upon your departure (by using your security deposit).


Pool Size:

The length of the pool is 25.5ft at the the widest part of the pool the width is 12.9ft and at the narrowest part it is 10.6ft.


Pool Deck Area:

We have an oversized deck area with plenty of room for up to 20 people! Outside tables and chair allow you to make use of the pool area whenever you wish - and the BBQ is contained within this area also - with lights so you can grill late into the evening!

The whole outside area is covered by a Lanai - which keeps away all those Florida animals that wish to say hi!



Pool Safety:

Of course - the swimming pool can be a lot of fun - all year round. But - it must also be used sensibly. Children should be monitored at all times and never left to play alone. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur.

Our doors to the pool area have an alarm. You press the button before opening the door from the inside or outside - and that gives you enough time to pass through. You need to close the door before the alarm sounds - or have someone helping you by pushing the button every 5 seconds or so.

Yes - it’s annoying. Guests often comment about this - and their inconvenience! Some would even like to leave the doors open for ‘fresh air’! However, we will never apologise for helping you keep your children safe. We have heard stories of children excited to use the pool at 5am - whilst their parents sleep. No one wants a tragedy.

See more on the villas safety and security here: http://www.citrusgrovevilla.com/wp/safety-and-security/