Ehr Access Agreement

B. Unless otherwise agreed by Johns Hopkins, the site user recognizes and accepts that the hardware, software, network access or any other component necessary for the site user to access and use the system must be used separately by the site user. Johns Hopkins is not responsible for the purchase, installation or maintenance of the necessary components under this agreement, and Johns Hopkins does not accept any warranty or warranty regarding the components. Any costs for the components are borne by the site user and paid directly to the component suppliers. A. Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on access to the system and replaces all agreements, commitments or agreements written or written in advance relating to the intended subjects. B. Each user authorized for authorized activities must also undergo training on the requirements for access and use of the system in a form to be defined by Johns Hopkins and in a manner to be defined by Johns Hopkins. A. Neither the user of the website nor the authorized user may use or disclose protected health information (“PHI”) obtained by the system in a manner that would constitute a violation of federal or national law, including, but not exclusively, AT HIPAA. The user of the website ensures that its directors, executives, employees, contractors and agents or those to whom the user of the website provides access under this Agreement use (access) and disclosure of PHI obtained by the system, only in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and federal and national law.

Website users and authorized users may not disclose PHI in any different way than is permitted by this Agreement. The user of the website accepts that all information accessed through the system is treated strictly confidentially and protects the confidentiality of other patient records to which he or she can access or as required by national and federal law. D. To the extent that Johns Hopkins deems it justified, Johns Hopkins will inform the user of the website or require that he inform those whose PHI may have been misinformed or disclosed by the use of the system. C. For the purposes of this agreement, access to the system is only permitted for categories of site users who require access to Johns Hopkins patients` PPHs in order to meet their health or payment obligations for these patients. The user of the site agrees to notify Johns Hopkins within 24 hours of terminating access rights if, for any reason, an authorized user of the Medical Office is disconnected from the user`s service of the site, including, but not limited to termination or voluntary separation.