Demolition Agreement Deutsch

From the material created in the arena, the film shows the occupation, the organization of collective work, negotiations with the city and, finally, the demolition of the buildings. After the demolition of the walls of the fortress from 1809, a green belt developed around the Baroque core with classical master houses, still very well preserved. Presentation of the future MIN campus and declarations on the premature demolition of the Stellingen campus: the duo became internationally known, among others, with Hope Hippo (2005), a mud hippopotamus of the Canale Grande, and How To Appear Invisible (2009), a work of demolition of the Palace of the Republic (the former seat of the Parliament of the GDR). After difficult negotiations, when the Imperial and Royal Army asked the city to demolish and liquidate the walls and replace the premises with the army, an agreement was finally reached in 1894 and demolition work was solemnly launched. Half of the façade of the station classified as a historical monument is threatened with demolition (in yellow) After the demolition of both the military and even most of the used civilian buildings, a new district is built there, mainly for residential purposes. It took another fourteen years to begin negotiations on the removal of the walls and the demolition of the fortress, which increasingly limited the possible development of the city. The former Klapperfeld police detention centre has been empty since November 2001 and is awaiting demolition or new use by private investors. From the Baroque construction in 1945, the part west of the main road (with the exception of the town hall and the Grande Mei-en Strae) remained mainly, while the eastern part was completely destroyed. The film shows material that was made during the occupation of the arena in the summer of 1976, the organization of collective work, negotiations with the municipality and finally the demolition of the building. The duo became internationally famous with Hope Hippo (2005), a hippopotamus made up of mud from the Canale Grande, and How To Appear Invisible (2009), a demolition work at the Palais de la République in Berlin. . The city bought the barracks from the Confederacy.

. Click on the photos to see these parts marked in yellow. Subject to the provisions of this demolition agreement, the owner (i) pays 85 per cent (85 per cent) of the contract price for each project after the substantial completion of the applicable project and (ii) the final reserve for each project after the completion of the applicable project. In doing so, they are interested in their immanent historical, cultural and political significance, to which they approach by metaphorical means. After complicated negotiations, when the Imperial and Royal Army requested that the demolition and storage of the walls be provided by the city and that the city replace the collected objects at the same time, the agreement was finally concluded in 1844 and demolition could begin.