Bnsf Mow Union Agreement

On December 1, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the American Train Dispatchers Association agreed to a six-year interim contract, as recommended last month by the Presidential Emergency Board No. 243. References to the national rail treaty ratified by the UTU are detailed in the RECOMMENDATIONs of the PEB. (BLET has ratified the existing collective agreements with BNSF, CSX and Norfolk Southern – and is in separate wage negotiations with Union Pacific – but is under national health treatment. BMWE and ATDA are generally for salary and health agreements. National airlines include BNSF, CSX, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern, line, Union Pacific and many small railways. Air carriers are represented by the National Carriers Conference Committee.) If there is no national agreement between bLET, BMWE, ATDA and the airlines by 6 December, the Railway Labour Act has run its course and the parties that do not yet agree will be free to help themselves – a strike by work or lockout by the railways. WASHINGTON – Senior House Republicans 29 Nov. 29 said they would act off a railway work stopstation if rail unions that far have settled with the carriers have not had a voluntary settlement in place by the end of a final 30-day cooling off period end 6. In addition, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes has agreed with the NCCC to extend a cooling-off period until February that was due to expire on December 5. The Carriers National Conference Committee had already agreed to extend the cooling-off period until at least February, if the three remaining unions that have not yet been agreed to approve it. On 29 November, BLET refused to accept an extension of the cooling-off period.

Regardless of that, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is expected to present an identical resolution for immediate vote in the Senate (S.J. 31). After the BLET, train dispatchers and BMWe were announced at the end of December 1, says Sen. Reid: “For retailers, a strike during the busy holiday shopping season could be devastating,” said the National Retail Federation in a letter to Congress. It is imperative that Congress recognize the serious economic damage that threatens by the failure of an agreement with the remaining railway unions and quickly avoid a railway strike that would be devastating for both businesses and consumers. Previously, the Transport Communications Union, brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen and the various Shopcrafts, including the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, had entered into six-year interim contracts with the National Carrier Conference Committee (NCCC).