Articulation Agreement Ccri

The Community College of Rhode Island has transferarulation contracts with many four-year institutions and the number of partnerships continues to grow. These agreements ensure that CIRB students with a degree with an associate degree and a given average will be accepted and will receive a transfer credit and advanced status upon transfer to the four-year institution. Ri transfers ( contain detailed information on transmission to the Community College of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island. Course transmission agreements can be easily accessed with the transfer evaluation system (TES) software available in RI transfers. Transfer agreements for courses corresponding to general education requirements, program transfer plans and transitional plans for joint admission contracts are also readily available at this stage. The most popular links are: Traditional transfer agreements between the School of Continuing Education (SCE) and the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) apply to individuals who have an associate degree or who have obtained at least 60 credits from the CIRB. These agreements facilitate access to qualified bachelor`s degrees in selected programs at the CES. Below is a list of college-to-college agreements with the Community College of Rhode Island and various four-year institutions. The graph highlights some of the most important details of these agreements. Students are encouraged to contact the four-year-old school of their interest in order to get more details on transfer policies.

For information on program-to-program partnerships, please click here for the partnership program. Students interested in the contract agreement should go to the CIRB Referral Office and complete The Information Form at Providence College. Once you are admitted to the agreement, the Providence College Transfer Advisor will contact you to discuss the terms of the agreement and the next steps. No, registration fees are waived for anyone applying for pc that is part of the agreement. Students must submit both the FAFSA and CSS profile forms for the financial aid review. In addition, Providence College awards a $10,000 renewable energy grant each year totalling $20,000 to five qualified students who enter the PC through the agreement.