Apg Airlines Agreement

APG IET acts as an interline platform to allow customers of the airline APG IET not to have direct interline agreements or connections with any of the other 100 airlines in the interline program. AACS offers the introduction and management of ARC membership in the United States. The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) offers a variable cost access program to its Settlement Plan (ASP), the U.S. version of the GNP, which allows airlines to access more than 14,000 ARC-accredited travel agencies. APG provides full support for arc membership procedures, daily reporting and management as well as standard travel agency coverage. APG, the world`s leading network of commercial and distribution services for airlines, founded APG Airlines, a French airline based at Toulouse Blagnac Airport. APG Airlines offers regular flights between Toulouse and Lorient. Flights are available in all major GDS under IATA codes GP/275, and tickets are issued by travel agencies through +100 PNB, ARC in the US and TCH in Russia. ABCS allows airlines to have a variable “Pay as You Gain” cost formula to access 64,000 IATA-accredited travel agencies out of 110 BSPs worldwide in markets where the airline has no local presence and needs local administrative support for marketing.

Through our subsidiaries, the APG network has introduced more than 250 airlines worldwide into GNP in the “online” and “offline” markets. In collaboration with UATP, a low-cost payment network created by and for airlines that helps the aviation industry save credit card fees. APG has developed a white label payment solution for airlines that want to become “virtual” UATP issuers at a variable cost. This product is a new solution for underserved corporate card markets. Actp now allows airlines to easily improve their corporate product and better address corporate customers, which is a source of higher performance. Testing with the first APG IET customers has already begun to reopen sales on APG IET, and testing with all remaining companies will be carried out as soon as possible. APG IET is also expected to add, at the end of the year, new airline customers who are waiting for the product launch with the new code. In collaboration with TRANSPORT CLEARING HOUSE (TCH), the Russian settlement system, the aim is to increase the revenues of DPG partners in the Russian market at a variable cost. The “Pay as-you-earn” formula, with nominal TCH membership fees, which gives all agents in Russia access to the sale of airline tickets in all Moscow agent offices in Vladivostok. ATCS enables airlines to generate revenue in the Russian market (not just sales of BSP UK agents) by increasing transaction performance. APG`s fare distribution services, which are performed at our offices in Paris and New Delhi, publish and negotiate fares on behalf of more than 20 airlines in Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and ATPCO. .

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