11Th Edf Internal Agreement

The negotiations on the 11th EDF would cover the period 2014-2020. This one-year extension from the 10th EDF allowed the end of the 11th EDF to coincide with the expiry of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement in 2020 and the EU budget period. [2] So far, the EDF has been financed by EU Member States on the basis of financial payments linked to certain contributions or “keys” outside the EU budget. The keys to Member States` contributions are being negotiated. The EDF is the only EU policy instrument financed by a specific key, different from the key of the EU budget and reflecting the comparative interests of each Member State. [2] 1. Member States shall set up an eleventh European Development Fund, hereinafter referred to as `the 11th EDF`. the amount of EUR 1 134 million. an additional contribution of EUR 500 million to the Investment Facility funds managed as revolving funds and EUR 634 million in the form of grants for the financing of interest-rate grants and project-related technical assistance, in accordance with articles of annex II, points 1, 2 and 4 of the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement over the period of the 11th EDF. Based on the fundamental principles of the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, the objectives of the 11th EDF are the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and the gradual integration of ACP countries into the world economy.

The least developed countries should receive special treatment. 1. The resources of the 11th EDF shall cover the costs of the support measures. The resources referred to in Article 1(2)(a)(iii) and Article 1(6) shall cover the costs related to the programming and implementation of the EDF, which are not necessarily covered by the strategy papers and multiannual indicative programmes provided for in the implementing Regulation to be adopted in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 1 of this Agreement. The Commission shall inform every two years of how these funds are spent and of further efforts to achieve efficiency savings and efficiency gains. The Commission shall inform the Member States in advance of any additional amount from the Union budget for the implementation of the EDF. .